Amazon Echo Speaker

Echo is a useful remote speaker that gives you a chance to stream tunes from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, and also stream nearby playlists on your telephone. A cool gadget with playback controls to finish everything.

Amazon Echo Dot is the most popular voice-controlled speaker with great functionality. The third generation of the Echo Dot speaker has a richer sound, as well as a new, more friendly design with a unique LED ring. The new speaker, just like its predecessor, has an audio line out and a Bluetooth module for wireless playback. Echo Dot 3 after connecting with the Alexa Voice service becomes an extremely intelligent device in your home. Alexa can make and receive calls, as well as play music and provide information or sports results. Echo Dot 3 hears you from the other end of the room, even while playing music. If you want to use Echo Dot 3, just say the word “Alexa” and Dot 3 will respond immediately.


Favorite music at every call

What else can Echo Dot 3 do? As befits an assistant, Amazon Echo Dot 3 can play music that we commission him. Call up saved playlists on Amazon Music, Spotify and other playlists, but also specific artists and genres and enjoy your favorite music. Echo Dot also reads books from the audible library and can also play audiobooks purchased on Amazon. Order a pizza or Uber ride – it’s that simple.


Intelligent home control

Use Echo Dot 3 to turn on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn up the thermostat while reading or dim the lights to watch a movie – all without lifting your finger. Have full control over your home. Close the door and turn off the light when you go to sleep.




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