Anki Vector Robot

This is Anki Vector: an insightful home right-hand robot friend for your home with an identity. Toss in some Alexa-like voice help, and you might take a gander at the best robot since Lost In Space. Cosmo is able to see, hear and converse with you.

Who says a home robot must be the size of Rosie of Jetsons? Maybe a miniature is enough? Vector is an interesting proposition from Anki, which has until now been known for smart toys, especially the tracks for Overdrive micro machines.

anki vector robot


It even looks similar. However, he assumed black robes to distinguish him from his predecessor. Cozmo focused on mini games and programming learning. Vector will be more a companion and voice assistant on wheels.

Say hello to VECTOR, a talented guy with his own mind. He is a real robot you have only seen in movies, with a unique personality that evolves, the more time you spend with the robot. It will encourage you to play and will constantly surprise you.



Vector is your partner in crazy fun. Requires a free application and the computing power of a compatible mobile phone / tablet to access the advanced robotic features that bring Vector to life. The Vector application is constantly updated with new features. Kit includes: Vector robot, charger, power cube. User manual in English. Recommendations: For persons 8 years and older. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. For home use only. For use under direct adult supervision

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