Capsule Pet Travel Backpack

Travel with your cat in this breathable backpack, allowing your pet to travel comfortably. It’s a great invention for taking your pet to the airport or taking your pet to the vet. There is no more problem to take your pet wherever you want.

capsule backpack (2)

Taking your pet from somewhere is a stressful moment for your pet. Unknown sounds, any unevenness of the terrain and speed of travel give him anxiety. Try to do everything not to expose your pet to unnecessary stress.

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The basis for a successful and peaceful journey is a good quality transporter. Our conveyors are made of durable plastic that is easy to clean. Strong walls separate your pet from street noise, and the convex glass allows him to observe the surroundings and calmly familiarize himself with it.

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The transporter is safe – openings provide access to fresh air, and two types of handles will give you confidence that you will keep the transporter close together. Features: – durable – spacious – safe for your pet’s body – available in many variants to choose from.


Pet Life On-the-Go Supreme Travel Bark-Pack Backpack Pet Carrier
Travel with your cat in this breathable backpack
Capsule Pet Travel Backpack


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