Chariot Two Wheel Skate

Chariot Two Wheel Skate were made by an eager roller skater “to build the Fun Factor”. Rather than having wheels ideal underneath your feet, Chariot Skates put them on external sides of your feet. Keep running on standard bicycle tires!

charrot skate

Chariot likes to improve existing gadgets. The effects of such action can be really original. The new generation of skates look quite strange, but they are said to work quite well. In our part of the entry you will find a recording showing them in action. According to the manufacturer, Chariot Skates are faster than traditional skates and allow you to move on more varied terrain. Despite their appearance, they would probably find many buyers.

Martin Wheel 5-Hole Steel Trailer Wheel, 10x6
Keep running on standard bicycle tires!
Chariot Two Wheel Skate

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