Color Changing Bath Light

Transform any room in your home on command by installing these amazing color changing light panels. Now you can control the color of the water and create a light show while you relax in the bathtub or shower. It’s also might be great fun for the kids.

GlowTub is made of strong plastic. The light shines on the water, so it illuminates the whole tub. Only one light will brighten the water in the bathtub and you can add bubbles for a great effect!

There are 10 super bright LED lights built in with the remote control to change the color of the lights. This light can also be used for flower vases, lighting a room, spa tub, pool, fountains and other options that you can stick anywhere! Also includes a flash effect! The remote control is splash-proof.

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Color Changing Bath Light
Last update was on: 21 September 2022 23:03

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