Color Changing Bath Mat

WATER TURNS THIS BATH MAT BLOOD RED, FOR REAL! Would you like to scare all your guests? If yes then you definitely need this product… You can turn your shower to a terrible scene by pressing this color changing bath mat. Scare the hell out of guest.

Bring a little crazy to your bathroom. Why do you need a boring, gray bathroom mat that has nothing to say about your imagination? You need something with a kick. Something that says: no one is taking a shower here!

Bloody Bath Mat

There is no need to buy gilded shower handles or hang diamond chandeliers. A bloody bathroom mat is enough to make an impression. Modest white broken with bloody red from horror will give the room class and taste. It’s not a bathroom anymore, it’s a place full of surprises. Maybe there are crammed corpses in the cabinet under the sink?

Brick effect! Imagine the reaction of your friends: they spent the night unsuspecting, someone went to take a shower, goes out on the mat, relaxed, thinking of blue almonds, and suddenly a screaming chilling sound is heard. That was it! The greater the surprise, the more they will be delighted when it turns out that this is just your bloody mat.

For whom? We recommend to all lovers of jokes, class B action movies and a bloody shambles on the screen.

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Color Changing Bath Mat




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