Confetti High Five

A very cool diy high five confetti shooter is an awesome product. fiesta five is very easy to use and reloadable. Blast Reloadable Confetti From Your Hands.

The Fiesta-Five is a new product that lets you shoot confetti from your hands whenever you give a high-five. It’s perfect for big events like births and graduations. With a fun high five on hand, you’ll start finding reasons to celebrate.

FiestaFive comes with six confetti cartridges that slide up smoothly.

Confetti-High-Five (2)

Confetti High Five 100% SAFE –

Take full advantage your high five and use air pressure to remove confetti on your happy hands without a high black dust or fireworks!


Perfect for any occasion, all ages, gift exchanges, stocking fillers, holidays, birthday party favors, sporting events, weddings, dance floors, ending a presentation, closing the deal and spreading joy!

Each FiestaFive shooter comes with six (6) confetti cartridges that can be easily loaded for the next epic fifth. You’ve been a party, and everyone will want to raise you from high five. Your chance of ‘hanging’ is negative. FiestaFive is guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone around you and create a funny, exciting, dramatic high-five celebration as confetti falls from top to bottom. Kids love FiestaFive and can’t get enough!


Did you know that feeling when you did research on perfect fives and you gave it with perfect fives? Multiply with fireworks! We’ve all been there before … When you make direct eye contact with someone who’s ready to take that moment to the stars with an epic five, be ready for high five.

FiestaFive delivers a satisfying lightning strike every time without damaging your hand.

Take your celebration to the next level with a high-five refillable confetti. Every five to five you give and receive will send a bright confetti to the air above you.


A very cool diy high five confetti shooter is an awesome product.
Confetti High Five

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