Diy Hidden Door Kit

Would you like to transform your home into a secret passageway? Now, this is possible with the hidden door kit. I know you all wanted to have a secret Passage or a secret cave. Hidden door kit will provide you I a 100% concealed doorway system.

Did you ever want a secret door when you were little?  This DIY kit lets you create your own secret secret Murphy door yourself.

The DIY concealed door kit works with both swing and swing doors, allows you to design and create your own concealed door or closet door, uses a universal hinge that works with virtually any design, and works great especially for concealed bookcase doors.

Note: This DIY hidden Murphy door kit does not contain wood or large pieces, it only contains hinges and several small pieces. To finish your secret door system, you’ll just have to buy more than this kit.

110mm Long Stainless Steel Concealed Self Close Cabinet Inset Door Hinges 2pcs
Lets Create a Hidden Door with Morphy Door Kit
Diy Hidden Door Kit

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