Gen3® Satellite Messenger


The world’s first satellite locator and messenger in one device. SPOT is a small transmitter, weighing only 209 grams, using a commercial satellite system. With satellite  we can forward a pre-set sms or e-mail to five different people at any time with one click. In addition to previously edited information, recipients also receive information about our current position.

The biggest advantage of the device, however, is the possibility of the so-called “tracking” or tracking user position on Google Maps! The device sends messages to the satellite, on average every 10 minutes and its (and thus our) position is immediately plotted on the map.

Satellite Messenger 2

Satellite Messenger

SPOT can be used in all forms of travel, from hiking, cycling, car, sea travel and of course, air travel. In addition, it is a brilliant archiver of your trips and an indispensable support for travel blogs.

Gen3® Satellite Messenger

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