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Inflatable Automobile Mattress

When you are tired from driving or your trip, this is a quick alternative. Car air beds do not take up a lot of space as they are mostly inflatable options. inflatable car bed and the ultra thickened cloth will protect you from the cold.

Inflatable car seat bed  promises usability with its functional feature. The car bed, suitable for four-seater vehicles, is easily stored in small places with its compact feature. The vehicle pump is given as a gift for the bed which is ready to be inflated.

The design that easily turns the seats into bed is ideal for long journeys.

Not only in the car, but also in the pool, picnic, holiday, camping can be used on the modern design also has a pillow. Suitable for both adults and children. It is compatible with the car seats with its gray color.

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It is inflated in just two minutes and is ready for use.


When the inflatable mattress is fully seated between the seats, it also reduces the sensation of vehicle shaking and improves sleep comfort. When you turn the product upside down, you can use it as an armchair in open areas.

The inflatable feature prevents the product from submerging in water and the design used as a seabed is classified as multifunctional. The special bed, suitable for all cars, is 83 cm wide, 43 cm high and 135 cm wide. The bed, which can be used for one or two people, can accompany your holidays for years with its durability. If the product becomes dirty, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth.


The bed is suitable for direct use with its soft texture. Bed linen or bed linen can be laid on request. Users can use additional pillows and quilts if they wish. Comfortable Travel with Inflatable Car Seat Fits exactly between the seats. Suitable for all vehicles. Both adults and children can use it. It is ready to use by inflating in a short time. Provides comfortable sleep by reducing vehicle shake.

Turn Sleep into Car in Pleasure Dimensions: 83 cm, 43 cm, 135 cm. Gray color. Inflate in a few minutes. Designed for rear seats. It can be used as both a sofa and a bed. Sea bed use is available. Vehicle Bed Makes a Difference with its Compact Design.


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inflatable car bed
Inflatable Automobile Mattress

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