Inflatable Reindeer Game For Christmas Party

Inflatable Reindeer Game is Designed to look like reindeer antlers, this inflatable ring toss game includes the antler headpiece and 4 colorful inflatable rings for tossing. To play, simply attach the antlers to your teammate’s head by tying it securely, using the two chin straps. The headpiece fits most head sizes, from older children to adults. Next, stand a suitable distance apart and try to toss the rings onto the antlers on your teammate’s head. Get two sets and enjoy a little, friendly Christmas competition!

The Christmas Party Inflatable Reindeer Game is shipped deflated, but is easy to inflate, using a pump or even by mouth. It is easily deflated and can be stored for future use. Lightweight and portable, this inflatable game deflates, to save space while storing.

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