Mota DOI Smart Ring

Keep your smartphone in your bag and focus on the people in front of you. Let this MOTA DOI Smart Ring update you of important calls, emails, and social media notifications. Filter the spam and the less important ones. The VIP feature lets you control.



Mota DOI SmartRing brings connectivity to your fingerprints allowing you to live your busy schedule, but still be able to interact with your social media.

Recently, Apple showed its smart watch. The watch will not be available until next year, however, watches from other manufacturers are available now. There are also fitness bracelets, and recent IFA shows that manufacturers intend to release more and more perfect models. Smart rings are definitely less popular, which does not mean that manufacturers are not interested in them.


An example of this is the SmartRing of the MOTA company, which already has smart watches. Although we won’t talk through the ring, it can be our notification center, which we always have in sight – even when the smartphone rests in a purse or pocket.

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Mota DOI Smart Ring

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