Multitool Leather Sheath

Carry your EDC multitools, knives, flashlights, and tools on belt, save space for your pockets.  Multitool Leather Sheath is DESIGNED FOR MULTITOOL & TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT

Outdoor Multitool Leather Sheath

Quick access to your EDC multitool knife and flashlight on your belt in seconds.

GREAT GIFT – A great gift for your friends and family members, who always need to carry EDC essentials daily with them. [Remarks] -ONE XXL EDC BELT SHEATH is available in the packaging box. Knife / multitool / flashlight are for product illustration only.

Multitool Leather Sheath
Advanced belt bag design, Multitool Leather Sheath or pocket knife, tactical pen, flashlight, etc. Separate warehouse design to meet different needs!

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