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Muzo Noise Blocking Device

More and more people are simply dreaming about silence. The reasons can be different: the desire to focus only on duties or, on the contrary, the search for rest and relief. But how to effectively cut off from the ubiquitous hustle and bustle when a ticket for a journey to a picturesque and secluded place is not an option? Meet Muzo, a small gadget with amazing properties.


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The impressive entry of Muzo appeared on Kickstarter in June 2016. Already during the first week of the campaign backers paid as much as USD 75,000. What made them do it? The creators, i.e. the Celestial Tribe start-up, presented their device as an effective method of dealing with noise. An interesting concept was accompanied by a modern, minimalist design and affordable price. Early Bird Muzo versions cost 119 and 139 USD. No discounts – 159. It seems like a small expense in exchange for undisturbed silence at home or at work.

Muzo Sound blocking


Muzo has been prepared in a professional and clear way. Attention was drawn to the threat of noise in large cities today. The process of designing and constructing the gadget is briefly outlined. All functions have been presented in detail. Backers were also offered 4 Stretch Goale. Particularly interesting is the latest, which allows you to transfer music from your phone or other media to Muzo via Bluetooth. In this way, the player will become, for example, a glass.


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Muzo device is the primary sound blocking gadget that Anti-Vibration Technology for the smooth surface. You can use noise canceling device for sleeping, for a room, for the office even for windows. Technology to produce dynamic reasonable sounds.

Muzo sticks to any smooth surface and works to cancel out the noise around you. In addition, Muzo has two more functions.

While effective, these solutions require the user to wear special headphones or a headset to provide a sound eliminating effect.


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