Nerf Zombie Longshot Sniper

Here is the iconic launcher in the new version, the popular Longshot will now help you defeat zombies. Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot CS-12 is a manually reloaded launcher with a removable clip system magazine with 12 arrows. The launcher has an adjustable stock, which facilitates aiming and can store a spare magazine.

In addition, the set includes an extremely rare detachable telescope with a scale, which can also be placed on other launchers with a tactical rail. In addition to the telescope, we also receive 12 zombie strike arrows (zombie arrows are elite arrows in green).


Why Longshot CS-12:

extremely rare sight (it has a scale, it can be additionally mounted in other launchers) fast reloading has an adjustable stock with space for an additional Longshot magazine Zombie is a white crow – the launcher is very difficult to access effectively defeats Zombies!

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Nerf Sniper 1

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