Poop Funny Tea Infuser

An awesome gift that has a unique Poop Shaped Funny Tea Infuser.

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The poop industry is clearly booming. Here we are introducing the Poop Tea Infuser. It’s called the Stool Tea, and it’s essentially a butt along with a pile of poo that sits in your cup brewing up your tea. It’s disgusting, yet oddly hilarious, yet we still hate it and will still probably buy one.

Poop Shaped Funny Tea Infuser

A great yet terrible way to brew your tea with fresh loose leaf tea leaves, the butt and poo tea infuser works by placing your tea leaves inside the poo pile, then dunking the device into your tea mug. The butt will prop up on the side of your mug, while the stool sits at the bottom brewing up your tea.

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Poop Shaped Funny Tea Infuser.

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