R2-D2 Manual Coffee Maker

This Coffee Maker is made of high-quality stainless steel plastic, glass and food grade, very durable in use and not easy to rust. To ensure uniform extraction, our coffee grinder grinds coffee into particles of equal size.

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ADJUSTABLE GRIND DENSITY: Our manual coffee grinders can be modified, as needed, from ultra-fine to coarse, espresso, French press, drip, cast iron and cooker. Retain the original coffee taste, expand the grip, are simple to use and good for your health.

★CERAMIC BURR: Keep the original flavor of the coffee, lengthen the handle, easy to use, and good for your health.

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press - Cooking Gizmos

★ FRESHNESS AND TASTE: By grinding your own coffee beans, you can maximize the freshness of your coffee and get the best taste from brewing without the annoying oxidation.

★SAVE MONEY: The ideal manual coffee grinder for coffee lovers has a limited budget and is suitable for home and office use.


R2-D2 Manual Coffee Maker


R2-D2 Manual Coffee Maker
This is the coffee press robot you’ve been looking for! Modeled after the iconic and feisty Star Wars character R2-D2, the product brews 32 ounces of delicious coffee in a durable borosilicate glass body.

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