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Scorkl: Refillable Miniature Snorkeling Tank

Scuba divers know this solution under the name escape tank perfectly. The Scorkl set differs from other solutions in that it can be charged using a compressor, pumped air from a cylinder, but can also be filled using a specially developed hand pump.

Scorkl is lightweight, portable, refillable via hand pump and gives you up to 10min underwater. Simply give the device a pump and you’re good to go. At the top of the Scorkl is a mouthpiece. You can go deeper and longer with miniature snorkeling tank.


Scorkl gives you much more freedom when it comes to swimming and diving, you still have to approach the diving process with caution.

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Refillable Miniature Snorkeling Tank
Scorkl: Refillable Miniature Snorkeling Tank


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