SmartHalo: Bike Smarter

SmartHalo’s circular interface has been designed to keep you focused on what matters: the road. Simple yet versatile, this luminous halo can guide you around, track your fitness goals and much more.

Smarthalo is a smart device for your bike which always stays there for you. Keep focused on what matters: the road. This awesome gadget will turn your bike into a smartphone-powered smart vehicle. Easily you will be notified about everything.

SmartHalo is a minimalist interface that, together with the accompanying app for iPhone, allows the cyclist to use intelligent solutions, such as navigation, automatic lighting or the mechanism of tracking alarms and physical activity.

The SmartHalo can be securely attached to any steering wheel and does not need to be removed after driving. Navigation The intuitive interface has the form of a ring of lights and can be used as a compass or to keep you updated on subsequent turns.

Lighting SmartHalo lighting turns on automatically when the sun goes down. And after driving off it turns itself off. Alarm. An alarm that sounds when SmartHalo senses that someone is manipulating your bike and protects it from theft. Monitoring physical activity Thanks to the physical activity monitor, which turns on and off automatically, you will improve your fitness. You can set individual goals and keep track of your progress – just look at the steering wheel.

Extra help With notifications displayed directly on your device, you’ll never miss a phone call. Key features Unique, easy to assemble and equipped with anti-theft security devices, the locking mechanism means that the SmartHalo does not need to be removed from the bike at the end of the ride. Suitable for any bike; The minimalist design can be mounted on virtually any steering wheel and works regardless of the weather.

Navigation is in the form of a ring of lights and can be used as a compass or to keep you informed of subsequent turns. Lights operate automatically. They turn on automatically when it gets dark, and turn off when you finish the journey. An audible alarm sends a warning when SmartHalo registers that someone is manipulating your bike. The physical activity monitor turns on and off automatically.


Works with a specially developed iPhone app. Battery lasts for three weeks of one-hour trips To charge the SmartHalo, simply remove the device from your bicycle using the HaloKey key and connect it to a power source with a USB cable

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Bike Smarter
SmartHalo: Bike Smarter

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