Spectacles V2

Just press the button to take a 10-second video from your perspective. Press again to record for up to 30 seconds. Press and hold to take a photo.

CHARGE NEARBY: Record up to 70 movies on a single charge. Charge up to four times in the included charging case.

WATER RESISTANCE: The glasses are waterproof camera lenses, so you can make memories wherever you go – from cycling to beach days.

FULLSCREEN & FULL CIRCLE: glasses take photos and record videos in round HD format, so you can reproduce memories exactly as you saw them. SYNCHRONIZE and SHARE ANYWHERE: When the phone is nearby, the glasses synchronize wirelessly with Snapchat. Then you can share your favorite moments to friends or export them to photo gallery on your phone in video format in circles, square and 4: 3


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Spectacles V2

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