Star Wars Remote Control R2-D2

With the Smart R2-D2 from Hasbro, kids can create sending R2-D2 into the fray of epic intergalactic battles. You can control every movement in all directions. Smart R2-D2 is a mobile droid, able to talk and explore! Your kid will never be bored again.

he extremely realistic droid R2-D2 controlled by smartphone applications is something that will surely appeal to all Star Wars fans. The miniature Artoo not only looks identical to his film prototype, but also shares his personality. It has a built-in speaker, thanks to which it makes sounds well known to fans and LEDs, through which it signals its emotions. R2-D2 is equipped with four engines – two of them control its body and the other two are responsible for movement. Of course, he can move on two or three legs. The droid is made of durable plastic, so it is resistant to abrasions and falls.

Control via the application You can control the movements and behavior of R2-D2 using the application available on mobile devices with iOS or Android. In addition, it allows you to get to know the universe of Star Wars better by using augmented reality. We can even walk on the deck of the Millennium Falcon seen through the eyes of Artoo and watch holographic simulations (visible on the screen of the device), and even record this type of message.

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Remote Control R2-D2
Star Wars Remote Control R2-D2

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