Tactical Self Defense Pen

Unlike a gun or a knife, a Tactical Self Defense Pen is legal everywhere. Be prepared for anything like a car crash or somebody who is harassing you, protect yourself with a tactical self-defense pen which is designed with superior durability. Fit it easily in a pocket or keychain.

Tactical Self Defense Pen works great both as a writing tool and for self-defense. Let no situation surprise you! It is very convenient to use. The notched surface fits well in your hand so that the pen never slips. Tactical Self Defense Pen Made of high quality aviation aluminum, which ensures its durability. A manganese hanger can easily be attached to a backpack, bag or notebook to always have this gadget with you. The conical shape of the tip is ideal for self-defense or breaking the glass in an emergency.


Black Self Defense Pen (Features: Whistle, Knife, Spark Rod, Sealed Jar, Compass and Cotton) (5.3x0.6)
Tactical Self Defense Pen

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