TDS Test Pen

Check the quality of your water wherever you go. TDS Test Pen allows you to rate your water and test soluble salts, ionic organic compounds and heavy metal ions. If you travel a lot, this might be the best portable gadget which can test your water.


This mini water quality pen can be used for any application; From water purification to hydroponics to industrial wastewater treatment. It is a necessary device / tool for every home.

Provides the option of immediate quality control. You can easily check if the water you drink is healthy or not. Helps you see if you need to change filters. 2. EASY TO USE: You only get the reading by sliding the tip into the water. 3. EXACT RESULTS: Its measuring range is 0 – 9990 ppm (mg / L) with an accuracy of +/- 2%. It will definitely give you the best results you need. 4. Display: Large and legible LCD screen. 5. Automatic calibration: It has a built-in calibration with 2 powder buffers. Simply press the button to finish the calibration. This meter is factory calibrated. Users can use it directly.

PROSTER 3 in 1 Digital Water Quality Tester TDS EC Purity Meter TEMP PPM Test Filter Pen 4 Display Modes TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), EC.
TDS Test Pen
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