The Sony V71 high power sound

Hear clear, great high volume sound in each edge of the gathering, and light up the night with 360° gathering lights. The Sony V71 high power sound framework will kick the gathering off and prop it up throughout the night.

Wherever you play, enjoy high sound quality. The LIVE SOUND effect makes the sound fill the entire room, so everyone dances in the same rhythm.

Angled speakers The midrange and tweeters emit sound over a larger area. Sound emission generator The sound generator reaching everywhere means that every party participant can enjoy similar sound quality and clarity – regardless of where they are. Party lighting 360 ° Party lighting with a range of 360 ° will brighten any corner of the room, creating a real club atmosphere or festival atmosphere.

sony v71

Taiko mode Just hit the top panel with your music or slide your finger on it to accompaniment the drums using samples. You can choose bongo, djembe, surdo and Japanese Taiko rhythms.

Taiko Game Mode Test your sense of rhythm in Taiko Game mode – just tap and slide your fingers on the top panel to the beat of the music. Find out who of the party people will achieve the best result. Each of us has a music star dormant Everyone will have a great time – two microphone inputs allow two people to sing their favorite hits at once.

Sony V71 high

You can also start a rock party. To one of the microphone inputs, simply connect the guitar and use the set as an amplifier. There are three modes – Clean, for clarity, Overdrive for distorted guitar and Bass, useful when playing the bass. Be a DJ thanks to gesture control To start a party, all you need is one simple move.


Interesting and intuitive control with the help of gestures allows you to manage all the functions of party sound, including DJ effects, sampler and karaoke mode. Swipe left or right to skip songs, up or down to change the volume. Tailoring the party to your tastes has never been so pleasant. Better fun thanks to additional speakers Connect several home music systems via Bluetooth® to increase sound power. Connect up to 50 compatible home music sets and synchronize music and lighting.


Possibility to control from the dance floor. Sony application Music Center allows you to control music and sounds via your phone. In addition, the Fiestable app allows you to activate DJ and karaoke modes. Make changes with your wrist movement thanks to the intuitive motion control function. Become the king of the event With one click in the Fiestable app you can share your event experience. Thanks to your music you will reach the top of the ranking of the largest party people and gain the official title of the king of the event. HDMI® output Sound power from the speakers even when watching your favorite programs on a medium screen.

Football mode – feel like at the stadium without leaving your home Turn on Football mode on the MHC-V71D speaker and feel like at the stadium. Turn off narration and join spectators in the stands, reducing narration volume and increasing the volume of shouting from the stands. 1 Built-in DVD player The built-in DVD player lets you watch movies with deep sound that brings your favorite scenes to life. Simple streaming thanks to NFC and BLUETOOTH® technologies NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth® technologies allow you to opt out of the use of cables and eliminate complicated connection configuration. To start streaming broadcasts from the collection, simply bring your device with NFC technology to MHC-V71D. You don’t have NFC? No problem.


You can also use Bluetooth® technology to connect devices. Multiple connectivity options You and your friends can pair a speaker with three smartphones simultaneously using BLUETOOTH® technology. High sound quality with Bluetooth® streaming using the LDAC ™ codec The LDAC ™ wireless link transmits about three times more data (with a maximum speed of 990 kbps) than traditional Bluetooth® audio streaming technology, providing a unique listening experience.


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DSEE technology: automatic restoration of digital music detail Higher sound quality from compressed music files. The use of compression removes high-frequency components from sound that make the music more detailed and rich. The DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) system restores these components, thanks to which the sound of the songs becomes similar to the original CD recording.


Top panel splashproof Top surface MHC-V71D is splash and dust resistant and easy to clean. The party can last all night, even if you spill a drink. 2 Easy to carry To move the MHC-V71D set, grab the comfortable handle and tilt the set back. Stable wheels allow you to take the set to a party. DJ effects: the unique nature of each song. Move your guests with DJ effects.

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