Thug Life Meme Sunglasses

Be ready to thug-life with pixel emoji meme sunglasses. You are going to love these unique Pixel Emoji thug life Sunglasses.

thug life sunglasses

Thug Life Sunglasses

-You’ll be a huge talk of whatever event you wear these to

-Feel Cool

-Wear it to take a coolest picture

-Funny with your friends

3 giphy Thug Life Meme Sunglasses

Plus nose suppoer

-The nose suppoer do not fixed with glue, it is stuck on.

-It can be taken down or put back, which is very convenient

Smooth and shiny glasses

-This is a pair of plastic glasses

The pixel grid is made as bright as glass

-(Don’t use them as regular sunglasses, It’s not easy to see with it)

Meme Sunglasses

The pixel grid on the surface of the glasses is clearly printed

-Look super realistic like the actual memes

(The gold chain in the picture is not included)

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