Thug Life Meme Sunglasses

Be ready to thug-life with pixel emoji meme sunglasses. You are going to love these unique Pixel Emoji thug life Sunglasses.

thug life sunglasses

Thug Life Sunglasses

-You’ll be a huge talk of whatever event you wear these to

-Feel Cool

-Wear it to take a coolest picture

-Funny with your friends

3 giphy Thug Life Meme Sunglasses

Plus nose suppoer

-The nose suppoer do not fixed with glue, it is stuck on.

-It can be taken down or put back, which is very convenient

Smooth and shiny glasses

-This is a pair of plastic glasses

The pixel grid is made as bright as glass

-(Don’t use them as regular sunglasses, It’s not easy to see with it)

Meme Sunglasses

The pixel grid on the surface of the glasses is clearly printed

-Look super realistic like the actual memes

(The gold chain in the picture is not included)

Mlg Glasses Fashion Pixelated Sunglasses Men Women Brand Designer Thug Life Party Quality Funny Mosaic Vintage.jpg q50

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